Welcome to City Co-Works


City Co-Works, is a collaborative ministry model, which enables those involved, all of the necessary amenities available to office in a comfortable, like-minded, and peaceful environment. 

Each space will have a monthly lease charge of $200, based on a month to month lease. This monthly fee will include the following amenities: 

1. Dedicated Desk/Workstation (Standup or sit down)

2. 24/6 access to the facility

3. 2 Conference/Study tables available

4. 3 private counseling/Prayer rooms

5. Private Phone Room

6. Roaming Big Screen TV Access with HDMI

7. Copier/Printer/Scanner access: with up to 250 black and white and 50 color copies (Additional copies available at a per copy rate)

8. Able to receive mail at the facility

9. Refrigerator and  counter area for preparation of material or lunch

10. Personal "Locker" for storage

11. Future discounts on the use of our Worship/Event Center

12. Opportunity to collaborate with other ministry partners

We are currently giving tours of the facility. For more information, please contact Robin Steger at 503-329-7500. Robin will provide you with a copy of the lease agreement and answer any questions you may have regarding Grace in the City. 

God bless, and we look forward to serving with in doing the Lord's work in the City of Minneapolis. 


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