Prepared by Founder of Lost Sheep Ministries, Dave M. Johnson. 

Divine appointments are taking place daily!  After spending 17 years working with people who struggle with addictions, God said it was time for me to be sent out to those who are lost, hopeless and brokenhearted.  It meant I couldn’t stay in the comfort of a secure job.  It meant my hours where going to be whenever someone needed help.  It started when a "19" year old young man died of an overdose.  I knew his Mom, and when I saw her at his funeral, I felt the depth of her despair.  God wanted me to go out after His "Lost Sheep" and rescue them.

Through obedience, I started Lost Sheep Ministries MN and God has opened the doors for me to rescue men and women in different psych wards, I’ve been able to help individuals who attempted suicide get help with treatment and housing, and I’ve been to detox centers and jails.  God knows where these men and women are located, and how to get to them.  He directs my paths, I know His voice, and I follow Him!

I’ve been able to place many men and women in treatment programs and God has even directed me to write a letter, which allowed someone to get into treatment, verse going to prison.  Everyday, I'm amazed at how God works; He is in charge of my calendar and is continually creating divine appointments. 

Lost Sheep Ministries MN is a 501 c3, Non-Profit Organization.  Your prayers are appreciated and if you’re able to contribute to the ministry you will receive a tax deduction.